Forged in Flames. A Novella by David Beckler

Release date 20 December 2018

How much would you risk for a stranger?

Firefighter Adam Sterling is working hard to be accepted by his new colleagues when he and the firefighters of Blue Watch rescue Kim, the target of an arsonist. Adam is struck by her resemblance to someone from his past and sees an opportunity to repay an old debt.

Kim is in witness protection, but who is hunting her and why? Even the police officer investigating the fire, DS Eddy Arkwright, can’t find a way through the maze of secrets.

Adam has to battle not only his natural enemy, fire, but an implacable foe determined to get his prey. He must use all his firefighting skills, and a few old tricks from his time in the Royal Marines, if he is to prevail.


The Money Trap. A Novella by David Beckler

Release date January 2019

He thought he was risking his business – then the stakes soared

Ex-Royal Marine Byron Mason is used to fighting for survival, but when he comes up against Gideon Metzler, a ruthless financier, he’s out of his comfort zone. He’s building a successful business to support his growing family and stretches his resources to land a big contract. When Metzler puts pressure on him, he worries if he’s made the right decision. But these opportunities don’t come along every day.

After a series of misfortunes, he finds himself fighting for the future of his business. He has to dust off old skills whilst trying to master those he needs to survive in a new environment he discovers is as ruthless as any he’s encountered.

Alongside Adam Sterling, an old comrade, he begins the fightback. But, outnumbered and outgunned, will the two of them survive against a determined enemy?  Then Metzler makes an offer which will make his problems disappear. He has to choose between the safety of his family and doing the right thing.